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Crayon development center provides a journey into the world of the interesting and unknown!

Individual and group lessons are prepared for your child.

Our experts will help your child to discover his/her potential, as well as natural curiosity. It will be easier for a child to overcome the language barrier and learn useful skills with an international team of IPC teachers. The more the child knows, the more successful and self-confident personality grows.

Genki English

English is a great simulator for a kid's brain. Learning a foreign language promotes the improvement of memory, attention, thinking, imagination.

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English classes develop a child's communication skills and positively affect his/her overall emotional state. Kids who learn a foreign language have a more stable nervous system, show a rapid reaction, and more flexibility in unfamiliar conditions and situations. 

The lady teacher conducts classes exclusively in English, immediately immersing the children in the language environment. Classes take place in the game form that turns the learning process into fun. 

Native speaker class

By learning English with a native speaker, children learn to hear and speak, overcoming barriers to communicating in a foreign language.

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Practical classes allow children to learn not only to speak but also to think in English. Daily communication with a native English speaker helps to learn new vocabulary, train memory, systematize knowledge. While learning, kids easily and naturally immerse in the English-speaking culture, as well as master values that may be called global.

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Mental arithmetics

Why does my child need this?

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  • The technique trains the speed of information perception and processing, develops the simultaneous work of both brain hemispheres due to the visualization of calculations on abacuses. 
  • The high speed of mental calculation is not the main, but an interesting "side" effect. This is amazing and even a little scary: by moving imaginary beads of an abacus in the air, children who do not even go to school calculate long rows of three-digit numbers and give the correct answer within seconds. 

    And all this is in English.


Robotics for children in English.

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Lego-Robotics provides a unique opportunity to learn the basics of robotics, design a basic robot WeDo 2.0 and learn about robot programming algorithms. In addition, the child will know the basic terms used in the appropriate sphere, which lays the foundation of knowledge for his/her future.

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