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Crayon development center provides a journey into the world of the interesting and unknown!

Individual and group lessons are prepared for your child.

Our experts will help your child to discover his/her potential, as well as natural curiosity. It will be easier for a child to overcome the language barrier and learn useful skills with an international team of IPC teachers. The more the child knows, the more successful and self-confident personality grows.

Preparing for school

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A child may know and be able to do a lot, though being unprepared for school. The key to success is a systematic approach and teachers' awareness of what is actually useful for the child when moving to the next educational level.

Early learning in English

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Early childhood is a period of intensive development and understanding of the world. The best an adult can do is help the child with this by bringing his/her focus on the really useful things. And if you do it in English, the advantage will be double.

Early learning in Ukrainian

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The key to the formation of the child's personality is the timely and appropriate assistance of an adult. New neural connections are actively formed in the kid's brain, so it is important to develop fine motor skills, blow off creative energy, ask the right questions, and direct cognitive activity.

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Cambridge preparation YLE

Preparing for the Cambridge exams YLE Pre A1 Starter!

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Children find these exams fascinating, all tasks are interesting and colorful and have the goal of building confidence in their own abilities. By learning English gradually, the child progresses to the next level of exams, confirming and confident progress and the ability to understand and communicate English better than before. YLE exams also help our teachers to motivate children in learning a foreign language and understand the right approach to teaching kids.

Chess class

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Chess is not just a game. This is strategic thinking and a huge cultural layer, the development of mathematical abilities, as well as an understanding of human psychology. Do you want to bring up a genius? Teach your child to play chess.


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Thoughts are not only formulated, but also formed in a certain language. The Chinese language is generally a "different half of the world" for the bearer of the European consciousness. One may understand the incomprehensible, play with bizarre hieroglyphs, congratulate a friend with the language of Confucius, and generally get acquainted with the culture that has been forming for thousands of years with Ms. Irin, the teacher from China!

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