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Crayon development center provides a journey into the world of the interesting and unknown!

Individual and group lessons are prepared for your child.

Our experts will help your child to discover his/her potential, as well as natural curiosity. It will be easier for a child to overcome the language barrier and learn useful skills with an international team of IPC teachers. The more the child knows, the more successful and self-confident personality grows.

Baby yoga

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The modern world overloads any brain. That is why, amid the noise, bustle, and changes, it is important for a child to be able to keep a balance between the physical, emotional, and intellectual spheres of his/her personality. Baby yoga is one of the best solutions.

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Physiotherapy Exercises

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Most diseases are easier to avoid than to treat, especially at an early age. We offer special gymnastics that has a positive effect on the physical growth and development of a child. It gives an even load on different muscle groups, helps to form posture, improves movement coordination, and improves psychoemotional state.

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