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Crayon development center provides a journey into the world of the interesting and unknown!

Individual and group lessons are prepared for your child.

Our experts will help your child to discover his/her potential, as well as natural curiosity. It will be easier for a child to overcome the language barrier and learn useful skills with an international team of IPC teachers. The more the child knows, the more successful and self-confident personality grows.

Applied psychologist

A qualified specialist will help your kid become confident and attentive, as well as easily communicate with other children and feel happy.

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The specialist conducts psychological assessment and remedial classes, using a variety of techniques: drawing, modeling, puppet show, sand games, making up fairy tales. Classes take the form of an exciting and interesting game.

Ms. Iryna will guide your kid to confidence and emotional balance.

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Speech therapist

A specialist in the elimination of all children's possible speech disorders.

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The classes resemble a game, and techniques take into account age peculiarities. The speech therapist also offers developmental exercises aimed, for example, at finding common features of objects, their grouping, generalization. Games, fairy tales, and other forms of activity, such as dances and exercises for fine motor skills, not only contribute to the formation of speech, but also develop the child's analytical skills, the ability to synthesize information, and draw conclusions. The knowledge gained in the classroom will be useful to the child more than once in various conditions and situations. 


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