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Crayon development center provides a journey into the world of the interesting and unknown!

Individual and group lessons are prepared for your child.

Our experts will help your child to discover his/her potential, as well as natural curiosity. It will be easier for a child to overcome the language barrier and learn useful skills with an international team of IPC teachers. The more the child knows, the more successful and self-confident personality grows.


Art that promotes the child's comprehensive development. Develops persistence, flexibility, strength, good posture, and grace. Choreography helps to form a healthy spine and has a healing effect on the whole body of a child.

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  • Children who dance regularly and persistently overcome their shyness and doubtfulness.
  • They have a higher level of adaptation than their peers.
  • Joint classes teach teamwork.
  • Children begin to understand and enjoy classical music, they develop an ear for music and aesthetic sense.
  • Dancing helps to express emotions through movement.

Studying with the lady choreographer, the girl will feel like a fairytale princess in a fabulous dress, and the boy will become a gallant gentleman.

Piano class

One of the most easy-to-understand musical instruments to master at an early age.

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  • Playing the piano contributes to the overall harmonious development of the child.
  • The classes improve fine motor skills, which promotes the development of intelligence and speech.
  • While studying music, children develop volition and learn to concentrate.
  • The correct posture is formed and muscle memory is trained during piano classes.
  • The classes develop children's sense of rhythm, an ear for music, delicate taste, creativity.

To make the training process interesting and fruitful, the music teacher offers children various forms of work: fingerplays, picking out tunes on the piano, improvisation.

Art studio

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Visual thinking is the most natural of all possible ones, so almost all children love to draw. If this ability is cherished and developed from an early age, a person receives an inexhaustible source of inspiration, which will be useful throughout his/her life.

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German / French language

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Learning German or French is useful at any age, but it is the most natural process for children. Successful people speak several languages and, perhaps, this is the key to their unconventional view of life and the ability to find a solution in any situation.

Cooking class

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Cooking combines healthy habits, useful skills, and a shared culture. It is interesting for children to make small discoveries related to food and dishes because cooking is chemistry and history, fine motor skills and geography, biology and mathematics. Each master class from the chef is an opportunity to go on an exciting journey, develop creativity, discover new talents. And who knows, maybe your child will take the first step to the Michelin star in our kitchen!

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