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Conditions for healthy development of the child!

We encourage, inspire, develop!

We believe that there are no "insignificant details" for the harmonious development of our pupils. A child shall be surrounded not only by professional teachers, but also by healthy air, delicious food, clean water, safe furniture, natural colors, and toys that stimulate curiosity.

We create conditions for development

The concept of Crayon International Preschool is based on the principle of maximum protection and safety. In such an environment, teachers may pay due attention to the individual development of a child, his/her independence, and responsibility.

  • Rooms

    We adhere to all ergonomics and safety principles. Here any kid feels comfortable and completely safe, grows up healthy, and gets real pleasure from learning about the surrounding world.

  • Territory

    We have a closed area, protected from city noise and car dust, although located in the center of Kyiv. Your kid will enjoy walking in the fresh air, and it will be convenient for parents to bring or pick him/her up.

  • Air conditioning

    The Crayon premises have a powerful ventilation system that meets international standards. Clean air, due temperature, and humidity are the key to the good health and intellectual growth of the kid.

Tasty and healthy food

All food cooked by professional Crayon chefs strengthens the health and immunity of each kid. We provide food for children with special diet requirements, namely lactose and gluten intolerance, allergies, etc. The ability to choose food cards and a variety of dishes develops the overall culture and worldview of the kid.

  • Own kitchen 

    The kitchen is certified according to HACCP standards. All dishes, from toothsome patties to aromatic pastries, we cook in our own high-tech kitchen. Taking care of the enrichment and appetite of children, the chefs use natural ingredients, wholesome recipes, as well as a variety of technologies.

  • Sanitation standards

    Crayon International Preschool provides permanent medical support. The institution has a constant cold and hot water supply. A comfortable air temperature is maintained in each room. Here we have air humidifiers and conduct quartz treatment of the premises according to the schedule.

  • Fresh organic food and clean water only

    Food for children shall not only be safe but also healthy, with maximum nutritional value. That's why at Crayon, children eat organic products with an emphasis on local and seasonal ones. During the day they drink clean water and other drinks based on it.

We care about safety

Our preschool is supervised by the Sheriff independent security company. The territory is fenced and connected to the main security and fire alarm panel. Fire evacuation maps are located on each floor and contain symbols of places where the manual alarm calls, telephones, primary firefighting means are located.

  • Security badges

    An electronic access system has been implemented in our preschool. All doors are opened only with a special badge.

  • Continuous video surveillance

    The main task of our preschool is to ensure the comfort and safety of children in the building and on the territory. Taking care of this, we have installed a quality video surveillance system.


We cherish personalities

All children are geniuses! Sharing this view of Albert Einstein, we are actively working to identify natural talents and develop the abilities of your child.

  • Classes

    The purpose of each class is to create a nourishing environment in which the child can better unlock his/her potential and find interesting activities, gaining his/her own experience through play. Through this, children master life skills, the so-called soft skills: curiosity, flexibility in different situations, the ability to communicate, and what is the most important, the ability to learn while having fun.

  • Didactic materials

    To receive an effective educational process, we zone our learning space in the following way: 

    discovery zone; news zone; communication zone; thematic zone; leisure zone...

    Each zone is completed with didactic materials according to its direction. For example, the child will find route and board games, logic exercises, materials for creativity in the discovery zone. Didactics promotes better perception and assimilation of educational material, especially when it is made of perfect quality and safe materials.

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