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The atmosphere of childhood is full of joyful emotions!

What is Crayon?

This is a private preschool, where the best international practices are combined with the basic state standard of preschool education in Ukraine. This means that the Crayon graduate receives quality training. And this makes him/her a desirable entrant to any school in Ukraine and the world.

Why Crayon is often chosen?

Because the IPC international curriculum offers a comprehensive and systematic development of each child according to an international academic program adapted to his/her characteristics. Such training maximizes the child's potential and prepares him/her for future challenges.

A systematic approach to preschool education is aimed at a student’s comprehensive development and shaping a confident personality. Crayon’s programme includes academic and creative lessons as well as the development of such skills as critical thinking and active attention.


A safe space at Crayon was created on the physical and psychological planes. Modern interior design is based specifically on what a school for young kids needs to be. The teachers have received special training to ensure the safety of the educational process.


Personalized perspective on teaching a young child at Crayon is achieved by a low number of students in groups, individual lessons, a system of psychological support and the established channels of education between the preschool and parents.


Quality preschool education provided at Crayon International Preschool opens opportunities for the child to apply to almost any international school in Ukraine and the world.


International Preschool Curriculum

Officially authorized

Crayon International Preschool introduced the IPC international curriculum. For the first time, it was offered by Fieldwork Education for preschool 14 Shell in 2000. Since then, the IPC has been one of the most widely accepted international preschool programs. It currently enrolls children in more than 1,000 private and public schools in more than 90 countries.


Age of pupils





Our teachers

Crayon teachers are passionate about children happiness and growing. They are dedicated to provide safe nurturing environment to meet unique needs for every child. Moreover, they are guided by the individual syllabus for everyone of our kids, that entails taking into account their natural abilities, intelligence structure, and perception characteristics.

All teachers



Safe environment:

Video surveillance;

Safe furniture made of natural materials;

Colors according to the purpose of each room.


Flexible adaptation

Comprehensive training;

Keeping regular hours;

Part-time and full-time programs.


Bilingual education system

Bilingual education;

Compliance with IB International Baccalaureate and Cambridge International Education;

Natural adaptation to an authentic English-speaking environment.

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